We're a bit different

Think of us as a Hybrid

OK so who are we?

We’re a rapidly growing team of skilled and experienced people from the industry – we’ve worked with some of the World’s largest and most successful operators in the business. By design, we have the luxury of understanding ‘both sides of the business’ – we’re passionate about delivering new, rewarding and immersive content to players but we’re equally driven by ensuring that our platforms and systems are delivering unrivalled performance on the front end and critical business intelligence and player management tools to our Clients behind the scenes.

Say hello to a new style of gaming

OK so we’re based in Asia and we’re developing games for Asia. Call us local. But there’s more – our games feel different too. Say hello to a new style of gaming – we’re adding a bit of texture and we’re super excited about where it’s taking us.

We've built a brand new platform

Blisteringly fast. Infinitely scalable. Flexible. Compliant. Customisable and Responsive – access critical player data, monitor behaviour and start rewarding players in real-time. We’ve built something beautiful and we’ve done it from the ground up – we think you’re going to like it..

We're in it for the long-term

We’re out to forge long term relationships with people. Success on your side of the business means success on ours. We’ve been around a long time and know when and where common issues can arise – the good news is that many of these can be avoided. We thrive on being efficient and we like to make things easy – ultimately, easy means doing less work and doing more business (it’s not as crazy as it sounds).

Welcome to join us

We’re always looking for talented people to join the team. If you’ve got some experience behind you and you live breathe and sleep gaming the way we do, get in contact hr@bananawhale.com, we’d like to meet you.

We think we're developing some of the best games on the market. We know we've got the best backend platform. Get in contact today and we'll tell you why.